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The Cookie Butter War: Trader Joe’s Speculoos vs Lotus Biscoff

28 Jun

I have read the hoopla about this wonderful alternative to peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut spread. Geez, I have also heard about my friends complaining that it was a hard to find item! Some supermarkets and some entrepreneurs distribute these brands but they just easily run out of stocks. Seriously???!!!

 So lo and behold, I suddenly have access to these two head-to-head competing cookie butter brands: Trader Joe’s Speculoos and Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread. 

The Cookie Butter War: Trader Joe’s Speculoos vs Lotus Biscoff Spread

 Both spreads have the same calorie content: 90 calories in just one tablespoon! Yes, it is definitely packed. But let me tell you, it’s all worth it!

 Here are some interesting facts about these cookie butter spreads. 

“Biscoff” is a combination of biscuit and coffee; it is Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee, thus the name. Speculoos is a generic name for traditional crispy spiced cookies in Belgium. Biscoff cookies are speculoos cookies.

Lotus Bakeries and culinary enthusiast, Els Scheppers, worked together and started producing this wonder spread in Lembeke Plant in Belgium in 2007. The spread is made from 57% of the spiced brown sugar cookies crushed into a fine powder and mixed with different magical ingredients, like wheat and soy. No nuts. Very vegan. Looks a lot like peanut butter in color and consistency.All natural, no preservatives, no artificial colors,  no artificial flavors.

Here’s my lowdown on these two brands:

First off, my criteria: 

1. Consistency/texture, 

2. sweetness, 

3. portioning of ingredients, 

4. play on taste, and 

5. preference/popularity in my household

Brand Name: Speculoos Cookie Butter by Trader Joe’s

Variety: Creamy and Crunchy

Comments for Creamy variety: Not oily on top when you first open the jar, sweeter, good consistency.

Comments for Crunchy variety: less biscuit crunch, sweeter 

My husband’s favorite: Creamy variety

Rating: 4/5 

Brand Name: Lotus Biscoff Spread

Variety: Creamy and Crunchy

Comments for Creamy variety: Has a bit of oil on top when you first open the jar, slides easily, good consistency, creamier!

Comments for Crunchy variety: Generous portions of biscuit, more crunchiness of biscuit, more taste of the cookie butter 

My kids’ and my favorite: Crunchy

Rating: 5/5

Hands down, my kids love and enjoy the Biscoff Spread more.

Here are the many ways to enjoy this magic spread:

1. Add it in vanilla or double dutch ice cream. Think more of cold rock.

2. Spread it in crackers, biscuits, toast, or bread.

3. Top it on pancakes or waffles.

4. Use it as dip for pretzels, bread sticks, or veggies.

5. Or just enjoy it straight from the jar. My kids can consume spoonfuls!

My new choice and alternative to peanut butter and to Nutella is definitely the BISCOFF! 

 How about you? Have you tasted the Biscoff or TJ’s yet? Enjoy a bit of heaven here on earth!

Having difficulty finding these spreads?

You may place your order to Joy Hervas-Mapa via Mobile: +63 918 908 – 1355, +63 922 800 – 1355  or you may buy from Speedcourt in Valle Verde 1 near the Basketball Court/Clubhouse. Price is P400 per jar. Discounts for volume orders.




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