5 Reasons Why I Am Crazy About Wildflour Cafe

18 Sep

Yes. I admit it. I love pastries. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. I love the taste of creamy sweet cakes. I love the sound of the crrrrunch and crrrisp whenever I bite into those dreamy croissants. 

It is no wonder then that when I discovered Wildflour on my hunt for the legendary cronuts, I had to go back again and again to this tasteful cafe and bakery. No, it is not just because of the cronuts they are famous for, but also for its other wonders as well. (I have written a separate post about Wildflour’s cronuts here: Cronuts 101.)


Here are the 5 Reasons Why I Go Crazy Over Wildflour:

#1. Banana Nutella 

This Danish pastry with real bananas and generous helping of nutella on top is to die for! For me, this is even BETTER than cronuts. I had to call in advance and make prior reservations for me to make sure I still have stock when I get to their store. Just like their cronuts, this beauty runs out faster than you can say its name. I buy a dozen and the kids and I consume this in just one day! A piece costs P120.


#2. Mushroom Salad 

This salad is a mix of arugula, mushroom, shaved apples, pistachio, and fresh serving of shaved parmesan. I am not a big fan of arugula in my salad, but this one is definitely a huge exception! I can order two servings and make this as my complete lunch. This healthy treat costs P360.


#3. Croque Madam

This bestseller of a sandwich is just a mix of brioche, ham, gruyere, and fried egg. Cut into this goodness and take a yummy bite! Sometimes when I am really hungry, I can eat this on my own, no sharing please! This delicious popular sandwich costs P420.


#4. California Burger

This burger comes with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and romaine lettuce, in a brioche bun served with the best tasting fries. I am also not a big fan of burgers, but yes, I made an exception on this one as well! I even finished the fries! A burger lover like my son would definitely pay P450 on this one.


#5. Freshly Baked Bread


While you wait for your orders, you can expect to be served with this delicious freshly baked bread. It is crrrunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I always love to take home one of these.  

Wildflour has easily put itself on top of my list of Top 5 Cafes in Metro Manila. They have 2 branches to go to: Podium and The Fort Bonifacio Global City. Make sure to phone in for seat and table reservations. 

Oh and one more thing: when you dine in, you can opt to have a maximum of 2 pieces of cronuts on your table and you don’t have to fall in line just to order. Just one of the many ways Wildflour surprises me.


Keep Walking!



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