Overlooking the Port of Monaco

Let me introduce myself: LENY is not a short name for something. It is a combination of my parents’ names, which was and is the custom here in the Philippines when they think of names for their children. I am the 7th and the youngest child. My Dad nicknamed me Champion. He always tells me that I am driven, always game for just about anything.

My Dad passed away when I was just around 9. I was always his favorite. I know that my sisters know this, and being the youngest, they are always forgiving every time I told this fact. The hardest lesson that life taught me is that you need to seize and live your life to the full. Because life is fragile. It is taken when you least expect it, and when you seem to be enjoying it. 

I grew up playing all kinds of sports, you name it, I tried it! Even the ones reserved only for boys, I played it with my brother: karate, aikido, and judo. But I was always drawn to racquet and ball games: softball, soccer (or football), tennis, badminton, volleyball, table tennis. Now, I’m trying my good hand at squash. I’m lovin’ it!

I attended public schools all my life, from elementary to the day I graduated from the University of the Philippines Cebu. I am never ashamed or embarrassed by it. I carry it like a proud badge. That someone who came from a public school system can come out successful and defeat all kinds of odds. 

I worked for 14 years for many multinational corporate giants. I made a career selling to people just about almost anything: shampoos, toothpaste, chocolates, and yes, even diapers! I had lots of fun!

I love to read books, all kinds, and lots of it. I can devour a thick book in one day. I love to dance, all kinds, and lots of it. I am learning ballroom with a few kindred spirits. I will never stop reading or dancing. I will keep on doing this till I am old and gray…

I married the love of my life at 26. At 32, I retired from corporate work: to follow and carve for myself another dream, another plan, another goal. I shifted gears, I slowed down and I got out of the rat race.

All for one reason – family. Yes, relationships. There is nothing more important. I raise my children and I give them love, lots of hugs and affection. I teach them values. I teach them about life. I watch them grow. I fall in love with my husband everyday. I give him love, lots of hugs and affection. I plan our future with him and I hold his hands. I will watch him grow old and gray…

I am passionate about family, marriage, and parenting. I join many others in our quest to preserve the gift and blessings that God has offered us. Together with my husband, I participate in counseling and preparing many young couples for marriage. We continue to support and encourage married couples to deliver their promise of ever after to each other.

I love to travel. I love seeing the different cultures, different architecture of era long gone. I love tasting the various gastronomic delights. I love meeting people. I love to see the smile of people having a great time. I love to see the world!

I give thanks. I am blessed. I am content. I am joyful and happy. All because of my One True Love: God, the Giver of Life.

Many women do noble things

but you surpass them all.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting,

but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 

– Proverbs 31:30

Our crazy pose for a family photo

Let me introduce you to my family: Gerard is my thoughtful, devoted husband of 14 years. His passions are cars, family, travel, and all the good things in life. He is an entrepreneur, a dedicated Christian, a doting and most loving Dad.

Strolling at night with Gerard in Florence

And my three adorable kids: Miguel is my inspiring 13-year old. A guitar and drum-playing cool dude.  A straight A student. A Messi soccer fan. 

Miguel playing for Gothia Cup in Denmark

Andrea is my 9-year old go-getter. A singing sensation. A creative old soul. The sweetest daughter one can find.

Andrea singing in a school play

Jaime is my most affectionate 7-year old. A red-belt Taekwondo-jin. The biggest Ronaldo fan. Our baby boy.

Jaime celebrating a win in a soccer tournament




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