The subject of money is always sensitive to some people. Some are offended just by talking about it. I have heard a lot of people talk negatively about money most of my growing life and most of them, I found out years later from experience, that they are just myths. They are only true if you allow these to control you and validate them to be true. Here are some myths about money:

Myth #1: Money is the root of all evil.

money-root-of-all-evil (1)It is not the money itself that is the root of all evil but it is”for the love of money” (1 Timothy 6:10 NIV). Some people work for money forsaking even their most important relationships. This does not have to be so. Money can bring all kinds of happiness to you, your family, and to others if you use it well and make it as a source of blessing and joy.

I have been given many opportunities to make people happy by sharing my blessings to orphans, street children and juveniles by sponsoring them with basic necessities for daily living. We send poor kids to school even though we don’t even know them. We help many families during calamities by giving them emergency food and equipment to tide them over.

You can use money to bring all kinds of happiness rather than evil. So go ahead, make a lot of money, and contribute to more people in achieving their own dreams of success. Help them make their dreams happen. Create value and legacy with your money. Change your belief to “money is good and acceptable.”

Myth #2: Money is not important.

money isn't EverytingWe have been conditioned ever since we were children that wanting money is wrong and unethical. “It is not all about the money,” so we have been told. We have also been told to pursue nobler things like love, compassion and world peace. This myth stops us from having a life of prosperity and abundance that God has promised us.

The truth is, money is everything! In this entire world, everything runs with money. We need money for basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, or education. We need money to support ourselves and our loved ones. If you want to help so many people alleviate their poverty by sponsoring their education, you definitely need money to do this. If you want to help the starving children in your own country or in Africa, you definitely need money to be able to do this, too.

Let’s face it. Money is important for the many things that we want to do to help others. It is important to help us in our pursuit for nobler things like love, compassion, or world peace. Let us just guard ourselves against allowing money and possessions to define our life’s goal and pursuits. Allow yourself to change your belief to “money is necessary.”

Myth #3: Money does not grow on trees.

Picking From The Money TreeWe hear this from a lot of people. They believe that money is scarce, that it is hard to earn. They believe that money is in such short supply. This only creates a fearful relationship with money.

Nothing can be farther from this myth. Money is always there. It changes hands. Some people who know how to handle it get it easy. They invest their time and effort to learn more about money and raise their financial IQ so that they can begin to invest in things that literally can have money growing on trees!

By continuously learning how to manage money well, they can earn money even when they are sleeping, and have their money multiply exponentially. Decide to accept that “money is abundant” and it is waiting for you to receive it.

As you come to understand how untrue these myths are, you can begin to work and change how you feel about money. Join me here as I take you through increasing your financial IQ, introduce you to new beliefs about money, and discover new productive concepts and allow yourself to change your mindset and your behavior towards money. You’ve actually taken a huge step today!

Congratulations for deciding to be money smart and change your life.

Life is Amazing!


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