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Cronuts 101: Manila’s Most Viral Dessert

31 Jul

cronuts ansel

Described by many as a half croissant, half doughnut — this pastry hybrid invented by New York’s Dominique Ansel is taking the world by storm. After its launch last May 2013, Cronut fans spanned the whole world, making it the most viral dessert item to date.

This doughnut-meets-croissant treat is an over-the-top pastry made of flaky croissant dough that is deep fried, then injected with cream or jam and topped with icing. Copycats have already been spotted and are riding with the wave here in Metro Manila.

Here are three I have recently discovered:

1. Wildflour

cronuts wildflour

My three kids and I trooped to this high-end Manila bakery cafe, Wildflour, in Podium to have a taste of this wonder dessert. I was not prepared for the long queue that met us. As I was lining up, I was really thinking out loud: “This better be worth it!” We were rewarded with the yummy waft of aroma as the freshly baked batch was delivered to our table. Wildflour has their own four version: Dulce de Leche, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Berry. My personal favorite is Chocolate, only because I’m a big fan of dark chocolate. Because of limited production, which comes only at 330pm, each customer is limited to 2 pieces. I let my eldest son, Miguel, line up with me so we can taste the 4 available variants. It retails at P120 each.

My verdict: too sweet and creamy for my taste.

2. Le Couer de France

cronuts le coeur de france

Pancake House Group, Le Couer de France, is also riding with this trend. I snatched up three of their amazing “croughnuts”: Double Belgian, Mixed Berries, and Parmesan Cheese. It retails at P89 a piece.

My verdict: flaky and chewy, but surprisingly good!

3. Cha Time

cronuts cha time

Cha time’s version is a little bit smaller than its Manila counterparts. It has 4 flavors: Sugar Raised, Dark Chocolate, White Milk Chocolate, and Glazed. It retails at P55 each.

My verdict: flaky but not chewy, manageable size.

Here are some important things you need to know with our lovable dessert:

1. You MUST eat these immediately as they have a short shelf life.

2. And if you do cut, please use a serrated knife, so as not to crush the layers.

3. Never refrigerate these treats as the humidity from the refrigerator will cause them to go stale and soggy.

4. Since Cronuts are filled with cream, I do not recommend serving them warm.

Try to snatch up a few before they sell out! Enjoy!

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